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Functional Recovery

Physiotherapy using the latest techniques to assess and treat your body

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About Us

Activate Health Clinics aims to improve the overall health of its clients and make a positive impact on the health of society.

Exercise based approach

We take a functional approach to treatment using a highly exercise based approach and aim to help clients recover and be back to their best as quickly as possible.

Latest techniques

We provide our clients with the highest quality treatment by using the most up to date evidence and techniques to assess problems and design effective treatment plans.

Realistic programs

We are realistic in our treatment goals and always aim to design a recovery that has our patients interests and needs in mind.

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Physiotherapy can help with all musculoskeletal (bone and muscle) injuries. We specialise in exercised based rehabilitation and focus on educating clients to provide the most effective path to get back to full health.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Specialising in weight management and control, our nutritionists and dietitians will work with you to assess your current nutritional intake.


Massage therapy has many benefits including decreasing muscle tension and improving circulation. It can be the perfect compliment to your training program or a great stress release.

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