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Physiotherapy can help with all musculoskeletal (bone and muscle) injuries. We specialise in exercised based rehabilitation and focus on educating clients to provide the most effective path to get back to full health. We also help with postural issues, improving physical performance, headaches, exercise technique and both long and short term pain.

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Physiotherapy Services

At Activate our expert Physiotherapists work with:

Sports Based Musculoskeletal Injuries

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre and Post Natal advice and care

Neck pain and headaches

General muscle aches and pains

Nutrition & Dietetics

Specialising in weight management and control, our nutritionists and dietitians will work with you to assess your current nutritional intake and provide you with expert advice to achieve the goals that will be set in your consultation. A full health profile will be assessed to ensure the best out come for you. Our dietitian can also assist with food intolerances and bloating issues.

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Let's explore how you can benefit from a nutrition consult at Activate

Why See a Nutritionist?

Nutritionists can help you with an array of ailments and issues, such as gut issues (bloating, IBS, discomfort), hormonal imbalance, skin problems, enhancing athletic performance, weight management, mood issues, blood sugar and metabolic disturbances, and general health and wellbeing. Nanci usues food as medicine, as well as supplementation when appropriate.

What Happens In a Consult?

Nanci will go through your body systems from top to toe, to understand the workings of your unique body and find the core of any problem you may be experiencing. You will then get a treatment plan tailored to your needs, abilities and lifestyle. She understands that one size absolutely does not fit all!

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many benefits including decreasing muscle tension and improving circulation. It can be the perfect compliment to your training program or a great stress release. Whether you have a specific issue you would like to be worked on or have general full body tension, your massage appointment will be tailored to your exact needs and preferences

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sports massage

Why sports massage?

More flexibility and mobility

Stronger flow of blood and nutrients

Ejects metabolic waste

Reduces pain

Eases delayed onset muscle soreness

Promotes relaxation

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